Though they met in middle school, it wasn’t until their high school graduation ceremony in their hometown of Sedona, AZ that Jenna & Daniel Watters first sang together. Performing as a folk duo for many years while battling long distances between travel and school, they decided to join forces permanently, moving to Denver in 2009 to start a band. After immersing themselves in the Denver music scene, they began dating (and eventually married) while shaping a unique sound with their 5-piece ensemble. “The Oak Creek Band” began touring the Rocky Mountains and Southwest restlessly in 2011 and 2012, logging over 32,000 miles in their beloved van, “Justin Beeper”. Having played concerts, festivals, dive-bars, weddings, private-parties and even the Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, they have been winning over fans as diverse as the events they have been apart of with their high-energy performances and beautiful vocals. After releasing two EPs in the span of two years, they have crafted an eclectic mix of Americana, Rock, and Indie-Pop that feature addictive melodies and soaring harmonies. The band relocated to Nashville, TN in February 2013 and they are currently producing their debut full-length album in Music City USA.

Musical goal:

“Spreading the importance of coming together as a people in the name of love and peace through our music. Oh, and making a living off our music so we can quit our day jobs,"

-Jenna Watters.

"Based on the crowd size and their connection to the music, The Oak Creek Band was who people came out to see. The band’s name evokes thoughts of country and roots rock, and although there were bits of both, it was not in the rowdy or rough and tumble way I had envisioned. What I heard was more refined late seventies rock that at times reminded me of mainstream Fleetwood Mac. Their music also had a transcendental feel, and hints of new age spirituality. I love surprises, and this was a sound that had an identity all its own. The harmony filled vocals were laced with pop and soul, and the lyrics were thoughtfully meaningful. This band seems to want to connect with fans on a deeper level, and the fans seemed to want to reciprocate. The Oak Creek Band’s music is highly energetic, especially when their indie rock side comes out, but it is also surprisingly soothing."

- Brian Turk, Listen Up Denver (Mar 08, 2012)